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So you know how I said I was going to get into a bikini? Well…

I got into one, but I can’t guarantee I look good in it. The picture and explanation come at the end, but first, some filler! For a couple weeks I had this feeling that my workouts were lacking. I felt like they were hard, but just to the point where I was kind of comfortable.... read more →

The girl with the Whitman tattoo | The experiment in no measurement | Things are changing.

This post gets to be filled with my musings. This is going to be a fun one. Yesterday, Jen and I took to the gym after being on a pretty “low-active” schedule last week: i.e.- our normal ass kicking workouts weren’t on the list for either of us all week. We did an intense circuit... read more →

An open letter to loose lips sinking ships.

Dear Self, You’re in a bind, aren’t you? There’s something to be said about being open, and honest, and saying what you feel, and having the guts to speak your mind. It’s pretty true, and pretty accurate to say that you’re always pretty honest, but there’s something that holds you back: the consequence, and the... read more →

My Little Brother Looks Like Trayvon Too.

Americans, especially Black Americans, are up in arms aout the Trayvon Martin case – the 17 year old black kid who was walking home from a corner store, minding his own business, when he got shot by a self-appointed neighborhood watch zealot, who felt it was right to take the law into his hands. I’ve... read more →