Who’s in the Kitch?


I didn’t always start off liking food. I was kind of a food hater, actually.


For a long time in my life I had a bad relationship with food, I would misuse it fill my feelings, or not use it at all to feel like I was going to get some really skinny body overnight. But those things never worked, and I knew I had to change.


I was diagnosed with PCOS while in college, and I knew I had to make much different choices in my eating. A couple of years ago, I wanted to do an overhaul on my life, so I started to document my lifestyle changes, here for everyone to see- I thought it might keep me stuck to my goals a little better, and it totally did. That’s where Tales From The Kitch sprouted up. I wanted to share all of the things I loved, hated, and learned about eating healthy, and making good choices with everyone I knew, and I do it here with love and support from my friends. I’m not the best cook ever, but I definitely want to get better, so I document my trials (and tons of my failures) all over this blog.


By day: I am an online communications coordinator for Texas’ largest non-profit organization, and by night, I’m a writer, blogger, food eater, and overall lover of life.


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