Thanksgiving, Pilates and a Peppermint Protein shake.

Thanksgiving, Pilates and a  Peppermint Protein shake.

This weekend has truly been awesome. I’ve gotten so much rest, so much done, and I feel really great. Even though I had a vacation from work the week before (it wasn’t a true vacation, I still had to check up on stuff while I was out), It was nice to have more time off, but be able to spend it with my family. Thanksgiving was quaint this year. We actually had a turkey, and we didn’t even eat Jamaican food this year – kind of crazy!

Here are some photos from the festivities – I went for mostly the proteins, and the sweet potatoes this year. No dessert for me!

This weekend I also got to take my first Pilates class! An old friend from high school, Andrea teaches on the weekend there, and she invited me to come take her class. Andrea is an amazing dancer, but she had to retire after suffering 4 herniated discs, in the lumbar region of her spine. She started training in Pilates, and it really helped her back, and made her stronger. I was expecting that I would totally fail at Pilates; I still fatigue easily, and I have almost no muscle strength, so I was really intimidated at first. The thing that I loved about her teaching style was that it was so fluid, and with every move, she showed you the advanced, intermediate, and beginner way of doing every single position. It made me feel much more comfortable, because I could try to push myself out of my comfort zone, but if there was a move I couldn’t do for very long, I had something to fall back on. I had an awesome time! I really want to go back again soon! It’s a great way to build strength, and I’d love to get better at it!

Lastly, winter is coming and going from Houston all the time. It’s freezing at night, but kind of mild during the day, but it totally has me in the mood for winter things. Last night I tried to make peppermint bark with Katie, but it kind of failed (although, we know how to do it next time, much better). Today I was still craving something minty, so I decided to turn my protein shake into a winter wonderland. Check out my recipe for the peppermint protein white hot cocoa. Protein shakes get so boring, so I always try to find a way to jazz them up. Just a heads up – this is totally disgusting when it’s hot, and done with water. Milk all the way, or drink it cold if you want to mix it in with water!



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      Thanks Kammie! The cocoa is optional- in the recipe I made it hot, and I threw in some white chocolate chips, so I guess it’s more of a white “hot chocolate” than a hot cocoa. It could definitely be made with chocolate protein powder, and it would be considered more of a hot cocoa :).

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      I also realized that I definitely omitted the “heating the milk” step in the prep directions, which would make it hot, haha! Thanks for helping me catch that!

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    OMG Pilates rocks my life, I am so glad you were introduced! You are now going to be hooked. The best part is GROUPON is always selling amazing pilates packages, so you will never have to break the bank in order to stretch and tone your muscles! :)

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