Yummy Blueberry Pancakes (made with Greek yogurt)

Yummy Blueberry Pancakes (made with Greek yogurt)

Everyone loves pancakes. Everyone. I’ve never heard anyone say “I hate pancakes!” it just doesn’t happen. For me as a kid, they were always a Saturday morning staple for breakfast. My mom used to make them along with eggs, and bacon, some sliced fruit and toast, and porridge if we were lucky. It was always really nice to watch saturday morning cartoons, and just be content with my little stack.

It seemed fitting to write about my trial with them on a Saturday morning (without the cartoons, sadly). Despite popular belief, making great pancakes isn’t hard, you just have to trust yourself and trust timing (and I have a little trick I always follow – it’s pretty common, and I have a 99% success rate. I always, ALWAYS mess up the first one). If you’ve never made them before, they might be a little difficult initially – double the recipe, and give yourself a little room for trial and error.

I’m no ace in the kitchen, and this blog is a lot about my trials and errors with food. I’ll try until I get it right, but pancakes seem to be one of those things that come naturally to me. I think it’s because it’s totally hybrid. It’s half baking, half cooking. I’m a terrible cook, but when it comes to pastries, and cake, and bread, it’s beyond me how well I can do those things.

These are how mine came out gorgeously golden, and delish! I added some summer berries for sweetness!


Check out the recipe below, and if you try it, tell me what you think! Hopefully you’ll enjoy your Saturday morning with these pancakes too!


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    Lori Buckley

    Can you substitute something for the heavy cream? If I buy that ingredient I might be compelled to make my mother-in-laws banana pudding, which is the only time I use heavy cream. If I make the pudding, I am going to eat most of it.

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